Dienstag, 30. September 2014

Lost by The Cherub

Whatever Love May Bring (Rev. Tom Chandler Mix) by Junction110

Pop Punk Planet by Ele Cat

It Never Works [free ▼load] by Dirty Dirty Dan

Makeba's Lament by bkustermann

Foco by edwinmixer

"-Dulalesis-" ft. Didymus Kayvawn by enorthemous

enor the mous and didymus kayvawn starring in dulalesis sit back and relax, watch some tv, and blend drinks to this magnificent display of the translucent beam that shines between all things and encourages liberty's bell to ring freely

#2Connect03 (Raner Contini) by Raner Contini / 2connect

Mais um da série 2Connect! Nesse set vamos passar pelo House, Deep, G-House, Indie Dance e Nu Disco! Só musicão!!

Drop It by Editor in Chief


AVAILABLE on October 10

Hubbard by Michael C. Ahlbeck

Beethoven and Scientology collide.

Frankie McDonald (Vance Techno Remix) by VANCEVAN

I have no idea. haha

Dancing Humanoid by Ele Cat

Whatever Love May Bring (Rev. Tom Chandler Mix) by Junction110

A S H L E Y X PREVIEW by HanielFelix

One of a few tracks i have been working on lately. This is an unfinished version of the track. The finished version will be available on band-camp shortly x

LAXX - The Limit by TRAP ✖ TRAIN

Light Year by Mitchie Mews

Stay With Me Tonight by Downstairs@Eriks

The debut track from D@E, a progressive house song laced with driving dance beats, pulsing synths, and high tenor vocals sure to please the ear. enjoy

Rang Rae - "Zinif" Fall Project (Whistle) by rangrae

131108 - 지니프 가을 작곡,편곡 : 노상래 (Rang Rae) http://ift.tt/1mPBznJ http://ift.tt/1xm8Udv e-mail - rangrae@gmail.com h.p - 010-3684-4924

NT036 : Mr. Osup - Freak Out, Freak Out (MoOse Vibes Mix) - Preview by nylontrax

South African producer extraordinaire and Nylon Trax regular Mr. Osup comes correct with his latest offering delivering a pair of lethal, house-driven original productions. Perfectly embodying past and present, ‘Deep Tagz’ and ‘Freak Out, Out Freak’ blur the line between classic and modern with ease. Precision abounding – Deep Tagz’ slippery break will be sure to steal the dance floor. Drawn out laboriously with harsh snares and dreamy, shuffling drums the effect is a voluminous yet starkly serious production. On the other side, ‘Freak Out, Out Freak,’ a breakneck production with abundant layers and textures, will resonate deeply with dancers and DJs alike. The Freak out continues with the MoOse Vibes Mix that will ensure dance floor insanity. Written & produced by:Mr. Osup Executive Producer: Jaymz Nylon Mastered by James Thomas in the Nylon Studio Published by Man Made Nylon Music / BMG Chrysalis (p) & (c) 2014 Nylon Recordings Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of Nylon Trax

Cat Fell Into The Toilet by Dublinski

My first E.P

Ramiro Solis by Blue Moon Media

Live Mix ... Check out the Web Site www.bluemoonmedia.us Like us on FaceBook http://ift.tt/1aS8s7t @alfredo-nieves-1

Uprising (Original Mix) by Dublinski

My first E.P

Wind of the Dance by Gerardo Garcia 18


Assistant Regional Director by profgenetogolot